Which electric bike to buy? Comparison between city electric bike and electric mountain bike.

Discover which electric bike to buy. We'll explain the differences between the city electric bike and the electric mountain bike.

Firstly, we’re delighted that you’re considering purchasing an electric bike.. That’s great news for your physical and mental health, as well as for society as a whole.

Now, choosing an electric bike can be an exciting but overwhelming process. With so many options available on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll explore the differences between two popular types of electric bikes: city electric bikes and electric mountain bikes. From urban commutes to adventures in nature, we’ll guide you through the key features to consider to help you make the best decision.



When it comes to choosing an electric bike, it’s important to consider your riding style and specific needs. Will you mainly use the bike for urban commutes, or do you prefer to explore trails in nature? Let’s look at the advantages of each type of electric bike to help you decide which one best suits your lifestyle.


For those who live and work in urban environments, a city electric bike offers numerous advantages With its sleek and agile design, these bikes are ideal for navigating through congested streets and arriving on time to your commitments. However, it’s essential to remember that the bicycle is a vehicle and must be ridden correctly.. The electric assistance allows you to pedal with ease, even on steep hills, making daily commutes quick and effortless.

In an environment where time is precious and efficiency is key, these bikes offer a range of advantages that make them perfect for day-to-day city life.

Qué bicicleta eléctrica comprar - Urbana o montaña
  • Agile and efficient mobility: Generally, city electric bikes offer a very urban and practical design, allowing you to navigate through congested streets and reach your destination quickly. Their versatility and ability to manoeuvre through traffic provide you with freedom of movement that cars simply cannot match. Special mention goes to folding electric bikes, as they are especially practical for those who need to combine their bike commute with other modes of transportation, such as public transport or driving.

  • Comfort on your journeys: Forget about being stuck in endless traffic jams or desperately searching for parking. With a city electric bike, your commutes become a comfortable and stress-free experience. Electric assistance allows you to pedal with ease, assisting you on hills where you need an extra push, and preventing you from arriving sweaty or tired at your destination.
  • Sustainability and respect: By choosing a city electric bike for your urban commutes, you are contributing to the reduction of air and noise pollution, thereby improving the environment and the lives of people living in the city. By using batteries instead of fossil fuels, electric bikes emit zero emissions and help improve air quality in our cities. Additionally, you are promoting a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing dependence on motorized vehicles and promoting the shared use of public space.
  • Flexibility and convenience: City electric bikes offer unparalleled flexibility in your daily commutes. With the ability to move quickly through traffic and access areas restricted to cars, these bikes provide you with freedom of movement that suits your busy and dynamic lifestyle. On top of that, in the case of a folding electric bike, its ease of storage and transportation makes it the perfect choice for those living in tight spaces or needing to take their bike with them when travelling.
  • Time and money savings: As mentioned, they save you the use of fossil fuels (which are increasingly expensive) and other expenses such as: annual insurance, costly maintenance, periodic inspections or MOT, garage or parking fees… Add to all that the time saved by not having to search for parking or manoeuvre to get into your garage space. By the way, did you know that bicycles are the fastest means of transportation in the city? That’s right, you get there faster by bike than by car or urban bus. That’s right, you get there faster by bike than by car or urban bus.

As you can see, the city electric bike, especially folding ones, offers a range of advantages that make it an ideal option for urban commutes. From its agile and efficient mobility to its contribution to sustainability, these bikes are a practical and intelligent solution for those seeking a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around the city.

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For nature lovers and thrill-seekers, an electric mountain bike offers an unparalleled riding experience. These rugged bikes are designed to tackle rough terrain and challenging trails, giving you the freedom to explore new places and push your limits. The powerful electric assistance allows you to climb steep hills with ease and enjoy long days of adventure without fatigue. Additionally, electric mountain bikes are often equipped with high-quality suspensions and large, sturdy tyres, ensuring a smooth and stable ride on all types of terrain.

Bicicleta eléctrica de montaña o bici electrica urbana
  • Access to challenging terrain: One of the greatest advantages of the electric mountain bike is its ability to access difficult and steep terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible to a conventional bike Equipped with powerful electric motors and assistance systems, these bikes allow you to climb steep slopes and traverse rough terrain with ease, opening up a whole world of possibilities for your outdoor adventures.
  • Extended range and duration: Thanks to the electric assistance and their high-capacity batteries, electric mountain bikes allow you to cover longer distances and explore more varied terrain without getting exhausted. The electric motors provide you with an extra boost on climbs and help you maintain a steady pace on difficult terrain, allowing you to enjoy your rides for longer and reach places that would otherwise be unreachable.
  • Fun and excitement: With an electric mountain bike, every ride becomes an exciting adventure full of fun and challenges. From thrilling descents to steep climbs, these bikes give you the opportunity to test your skills and enjoy the thrill of exploring new terrain in direct contact with nature. Furthermore, electric assistance allows you to adjust the intensity of your ride according to your preferences and skill level, ensuring a safe and rewarding experience for cyclists of all levels.
  • Connection with nature: Riding an electric mountain bike gives you the opportunity to intimately connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the natural environment around you. Whether exploring wooded trails, crossing rivers, or ascending to panoramic peaks, these excursions allow you to experience the majesty of the outdoors in a unique and stimulating way, fostering a deep appreciation for the environment and nature conservation.
  • Adventure-ready: Mountain bikes offer a range of components and accessories ideal for adventures in more challenging terrain. They typically come equipped with suspension systems, special tyres, and gears that are perfect for mountain riding.

The electric mountain bike offers a range of benefits that make it the perfect choice for those seeking adventures in nature. From its ability to conquer difficult terrain to its capacity to provide fun and excitement on every outing, these bikes are a versatile and thrilling tool for exploring the natural world and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.


When considering the purchase of an electric bike, it’s important to evaluate a series of key features that suit your individual needs and riding style. These features may vary depending on the type of electric bike you’re looking for, whether it’s a city bike for urban commutes or a mountain bike for adventures in nature. Here are some fundamental features to consider when making your purchase decision:


Urban electric bike Electric Mountain Bike
Designed for paved streets and urban environments.
Suitable for uneven terrain and trails.
Not necessary or light suspension.
Front and/or rear suspension.
Specialised for asphalt and pavement.
Wider tires with treads for off-road grip.
Ergonomic for a comfortable riding position in the city.
More aggressive geometry for riding on uneven terrain.
Focus on efficiency and smoothness of pedal assistance on flat surfaces.
Additional power and torque to overcome obstacles and difficult terrain.
Standard capacity battery and adequate range for daily urban commutes. Between 45 and 70 km of range is sufficient.
Higher capacity battery for longer and more demanding mountain rides.
Integrated lights, mudguards, luggage rack, ideal for daily commutes.
Attachment points for mountain accessories, bottle cage, tool kit
Less maintenance and very easy, due to use on paved urban environments.
Higher and more frequent maintenance due to use in more demanding terrain.
Generally more affordable.
It can be more expensive due to the specific features and components for mountain biking.
Daily commutes, urban transportation.
Nature adventures, mountain biking, unpaved terrain or forest areas.

1. Comfort and ergonomics

Whether you plan to use your electric bike for daily commutes or seek adventures on challenging terrain, it’s essential that you feel comfortable and upright while pedalling. Look for features such as a frame design, an ergonomic saddle, and handlebars that allow you to maintain a comfortable and natural riding position for extended periods.

2. Maintenance

Another important consideration when choosing an electric bike is the level of maintenance required. Look for models that use durable, high-quality components that require minimal maintenance and are easy to keep in optimal working condition. Also, make sure to understand the specific maintenance requirements of the motor and battery, such as regular cleaning and proper charging, to ensure long-term optimal performance.

3. Specific Features

Consider what additional features are important to you and your riding style. This could include connectivity options such as integrated mobile apps that allow you to track your performance and adjust bike settings, integrated lighting systems for increased visibility and safety, or security features such as locking and GPS tracking systems to protect your investment in case of theft.


When choosing an electric bike, it’s important to select a model that is built to last and withstand daily wear and tear. Look for high-quality materials such as composite, aluminium, or carbon frames that are lightweight yet sturdy, and durable components designed to withstand the demands of urban or mountain cycling. In addition, pay attention to the manufacturer’s reputation and the warranty offered, as this can be an indicator of the product’s quality and durability.


Last but not least, consider the performance and versatility of the electric bike in relation to your needs and riding preferences. If you plan to primarily use your bike for urban commuting, look for lightweight models with good battery range, smooth and quiet pedal-assist systems, and specific features for urban riding such as mudguards, luggage racks, and integrated lights. For us, the queen of the pavement and cities are folding electric bikes. For nature adventures, look for features such as quality suspension, all-terrain tires, and frame geometry designed for performance on uneven terrain.


Whether you prefer city commuting or exploring trails in nature, there is a perfect electric bike for you. Evaluate your individual needs and preferences, and look for a bike that fits your lifestyle and inspires you to venture into new experiences. With electric assistance at your fingertips, the world is at your feet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a city electric bike and a mountain electric bike?

The main difference lies in the design and purpose of use. City electric bikes are designed for daily commuting in urban environments, while mountain electric bikes are designed for mountain biking on trails and uneven terrain.

Urban electric bikes are ideal for streets, bike lanes, and other paved urban environments. Their design is optimized for comfort and efficiency on flat surfaces.

Electric Mountain bikes are suitable for uneven terrain, trails, and mountain paths. Its specific suspension and tires offer better grip and control on difficult terrain.

The range of a city electric bike varies depending on the model and riding conditions, but it’s generally sufficient for daily commuting in urban environments. Typically, it can travel between 40 and 80 kilometres on a single charge.

The range of a mountain electric bike can be similar to or even greater than that of a city electric bike, depending on the battery capacity and the level of assistance used. Generally, they can travel between 50 and 100 kilometres on a single charge.

When choosing an electric bicycle, it’s important to consider comfort, maintenance, specific features like suspension and tyres, range, and price.