The Ossby GEO in Paris: Come and meet it at JEC World 2024!

The Ossby GEO in Paris, at the JEC World 2024 trade show. An event where innovation and exceptional design come together to offer a new vision of urban mobility. Discover the revolution at Ziur Composite's Booth 6 H 108!

That’s right, the Ossby GEO in Paris!

The JEC World is a world-renowned event that brings together leaders in innovation and material technology in the composite industry. And this year, just like last year, our Ossby GEO bicycle will be one of the stars at our supplier Ziur Composites’ booth.


In a world where sustainable mobility is increasingly relevant, the Ossby GEO emerges as a beacon of innovation and change. Designed to address contemporary challenges of commuting in urban environments, this foldable electric bike not only offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation, but also completely redefines the experience of moving around the city.

Cutting-edge technology: The Ossby GEO is powered by state-of-the-art technology that optimizes both efficiency and performance. Its integrated electric system provides smooth and steady power, allowing for long and comfortable journeys without compromising battery life. Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures agile and safe riding in all types of urban conditions.

Exceptional design: Every detail of the Ossby GEO has been carefully crafted to blend functionality and style. From its high-strength structure to its sleek finishes, this bike is not just a transportation tool but a moving piece of art. Its modern and minimalist aesthetic doesn’t go unnoticed, attracting attention both on the streets and at the most exclusive events.

Sustainability in action: Beyond its exceptional performance, the Ossby GEO embodies a commitment to environmental sustainability. By opting for a zero-emission form of transportation, Ossby GEO users actively contribute to reducing air pollution and the overall well-being of the planet. This bike not only offers a practical solution for urban mobility but also makes a statement in favour of the environment with its innovative biocomposite frame made from plant resins, fibres, and recycled plastics.

Unique experience: Riding an Ossby GEO is more than just getting from point A to point B. It’s a transformative experience that connects the user with their surroundings in a new and exciting way. From exploring city streets to venturing on scenic routes, every journey on the Ossby GEO is an opportunity to rediscover the beauty and freedom of mobility.


If you find yourself in Paris during the JEC World, we invite you to drop by! Our partner, Ziur Composite, will be present at Booth 6 H 108, where you can see first-hand the innovation, quality, and exceptional design of the Ossby GEO. This is your chance to get up close with your next bike and experience everything it has to offer firsthand.


  • 📍 Stand: 6 H 108 – ZIUR Composite – JEC World 2024 – Paris
  • 🗓 Dates: March 5th to 7th


JEC World 2024 promises to be an exciting and full of opportunities event, and the presence of the Ossby GEO makes it even more special. Not only will you be able to get to know our bike up close, but you’ll also discover the latest trends in the composite industry and connect with other urban mobility enthusiasts.


At Ossby, we are committed to creating smart, sustainable, and exciting urban mobility solutions. And the Ossby GEO is just the beginning. With your support, we are building a future where getting around the city is easier, faster, and more fun than ever before.


The Ziur team is looking forward to meeting you at the JEC World 2024. Come, get closer, discover the Ossby GEO, and join the urban mobility revolution.

Ossby GEO en Paris - JEC 2024