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We answer the most frequently asked questions about Ossby bicycles specifications, shipping, returns, warranty for foldable electric bicycles, and accessories.


Shipments of the Ossby GEO will start from July 1st 2024.

Composite materials are formed from two or more different elements with different properties. This combination makes it possible to develop new elements with unique properties.

We use a composite with a matrix of vegetable oil and recycled fibres to manufacture the frame of our bicycles.

We are the first Spanish brand to use this innovative material to create a lighter, stronger and more sustainable bicycle.

Discover all the properties of Composite>

Yes, the battery can be replaced. It is located inside the frame, but can be removed for replacement by opening (with suitable tools) the top panel. However, we recommend that you take your electric bicycle to one of our authorised service centres. There, a specialist will be able to replace the battery safely.

In addition, you will find all the spare parts and components in our online shop for easy purchase.

Further details will be included in the Ossby GEO User Manual.

When it comes to replacing parts, the components of our e-bikes are fairly standard and very easy to change. As a direct manufacturer, we guarantee to have spare parts and components for our distributors, users and any bicycle repair shop.

You can find components and spare parts on our online shop page “components”.

The minimum recommended height is 150 cm (4 feet 11 inches) and the maximum height is 190 cm (6 feet 3 inches).

The maximum recommended weight for the Ossby GEO is 110 kg.

The maximum speed, limited by EU legislation, is 25 km/h (15.5 mph).

Our Ossby GEO folding electric bicycle complies with EU Directive 2002/24/EC. An EPAC (electric pedal-assisted bicycle) shall: Have an auxiliary motor with a continuous power rating of not more than 250 watts. It progressively cuts the motor assistance when the cyclist reaches a speed of 25 km/h or stops pedalling.

For other more restrictive markets, this limitation can be reduced from the App.

Yes, the handlebar can be raised by moving the stem. The supported adjustment range is from 0° to 60°.

The Ossby GEO comes standard with a 5-speed external sprocket system from 12 to 24T.

Yes, our folding bikes come with a kickstand as standard.

To control the motor, battery and assistance modes of your Ossby GEO electric folding bike you only need to download our free App on your smartphone (available for Android or iOS).

The connection is made via Bluetooth to avoid unnecessary cables and to maintain the minimalist style of our bikes. 

To start the bike’s motor and establish the connection, give it a couple of pedal strokes to get the wheel moving. 

In the App you can control the 5 assistance modes, see the battery charge, speed, power and other information about the engine. 

Check the user manual to configure the App with the correct values.

Additionally, you can control the Ossby GEO with a separately sold Bluetooth device.

During the purchasing process, you’ll have the option to add the Bluetooth Button as an extra, allowing you to control the assistance level of the bicycle and turn off the motor. This device has solar charging and two intuitive buttons. One with the + symbol to increase the level and the other with the – symbol to reduce the pedal assistance and switch off the motor.

You’ll be able to test Ossby bicycles at our network of associated stores. Visit our “Store Locator” page located in the footer or bottom of the website. Select those with the “Point of Sale” category.

You will receive your bike fully assembled and ready to use. Just take it out of the box, adjust the saddle to your height and you’re ready to RIDE!

Because being different… IS COOL!

It’s our hallmark. Furthermore, this difference allows us to achieve a more compact size and reduce the weight without compromising the quality and safety of our bikes.

You will find a physical button on the back of the bike frame. By pressing it you can switch the motor, battery and tail light off/on.


The battery is easily charged at any electrical outlet in your home or office.

On the back of the Ossby GEO frame you will find the plug to connect the charger included with each ebike.

Each charge will cost you less than 50 cents. With your Ossby GEO you save time and money.

More details in the User Manual

Ossby folding bikes comply with the European Standard EN 14764 and we have exclusive patented designs.

This European standard specifies safety requirements and performance related to the design, assembly, and testing
of bicycles and their components intended for use on public roads. It also
provides guidelines regarding their use and maintenance.

We are very proud to be one of the few (very few) manufacturers of folding bikes in Spain.

We design, manufacture and assemble our bikes. In this way, we have complete control over our product, to ensure that they meet all our quality standards.

In addition, by choosing domestic suppliers we are contributing to the economy of our community, generating quality jobs and supporting the development of local industry.

In this video we tell you how the Ossby GEO are made.

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Is the Ossby Curve still in production?

No, the Ossby Curve Eco and Electric models with the traditional aluminum frame are no longer manufactured. However, we are working on a redesigned and updated version of the Curve model. It’s a project we hope to launch for 2025. Stay updated with our newsletter.

Yes, we still have parts and components available at our factory in Madrid for any repairs or replacements.

Yes, we will continue to stock both spare parts and original components. You can get most of them through our online store. If any component you need is not available for sale on our e-shop, you can contact us.


At Ossby we are developing our line of accessories to complement our bicycles. This range of accessories will also be compatible with the 2020 Ossby Curves.

We want your Ossby to accompany you everywhere and make your life easier, which is why we are designing a range of backpacks, baskets, and bags that can be installed on the front of the Ossby GEO. In line with our commitment, we will seek the most sustainable materials.

Soon you will be able to buy all the accessories in our online shop.


All Ossby bikes come with a warranty.

Our folding electric bicycles are manufactured in Spain. In this way we can offer our customers 100% of the required spare parts immediately.

One of our main objectives is to ensure a fast and efficient technical service to our representatives and customers.

Visit our Warranty section and you will be able to see all the detailed information.

Any Ossby bike model has a 3-year warranty*.

If you register the warranty on our website, you can get extra years of warranty on the frame of the Ossby GEO*.

Electrical components have different warranty coverage.

*You can read our warranty policy and general conditions here.

If you have an issue, please check our Technical Support page and select the appropriate option.

Go to the Technical Support page>

To register your bike’s warranty, go to the Warranty page and fill out the form.

Go to the Warranty page >

You have 14 days to return the bike.

Visit our Returns and Refunds Policy for all the information you need on returns and refunds.