How an electric bike can help you to achieve your new year’s resolutions

Explore how an electric bike can revolutionise your daily life in the upcoming year. Discover the advantages of a folding ebike in fulfilling your New Year's resolutions, enhancing your well-being, and contributing to the environment.


Learn how to set your goals

We know, another year has passed, and the list of resolutions has either been forgotten or only partially fulfilled Don’t worry, it’s okay not to have achieved all your goals; perhaps they were overly ambitious. To help you with your goals this year, here’s a little trick.

The SMART rule

There’s a marketing technique that can surely help you set your goals well and plan them effectively. To do this, always keep in mind the SMART rule: that is, to maximize the chances of success, it’s crucial to set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant or Realistic, and Time-bound. With these points, you can better establish your objectives. For example: “read a book per month in 2024

The most common resolutions:

Now then, we are sure (very sure) that on your list, and almost everyone’s, there are a series of goals that cannot be missed:

  • Improve my physical fitness or go to the gym.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Save more money.
  • Be more environmentally respectful or sustainable.
  • Learn a new language or take a new course.
Did we get it right?

We also know that generally, going to the gym, saving more, and being more sustainable are the tasks that are most challenging for us. Well… we have good news! We know the perfect tool that will help you achieve those resolutions and many more. It’s like a “Swiss army knife” to check off several points on your list at once: the electric bike.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to achieve your new year’s goals with an e-bike.”

Benefits of the electric bike to reach your goals

Get in shape with an electric bike

As we were saying, how many of us have promised to improve our physical condition in the upcoming year? Exercise is crucial to keeping us healthy and happy, but sometimes finding the motivation or time to go to the gym or go for a run can be challenging. This is where the electric bike comes into play. With it, you can exercise while enjoying the fresh air and traveling towards your destination.

Electric bikes, especially folding e-bikes, provide you with the option to pedal as much as you want, allowing you to adjust the level of effort according to your physical condition or training goals. So, whether you’re starting your journey towards a more active lifestyle or seeking a more intense challenge, the folding electric bike adapts to your needs.

Save time and money with a folding ebike

Would you like to save some money and time in the new year? Electric bikes are an economical and practical option for your daily commutes. Forget about traffic jams, searching for parking space, or long waits on public transport. With an electric bike, you can bypass these obstacles and reach your destination faster and more economically.

Moreover, the maintenance cost of a bike or e-bike is considerably lower compared to a car or motorcycle. Say goodbye to fuel expenses; you save on insurance, garage or parking costs, and… less stress overall!

Propósitos de año nuevo y bicicleta eléctrica plegable Ossby

Reduce your environmental impact with a bike

Another common resolution on the New Year’s list is to be more sustainable or reduce the pollution we generate. The electric bike is an excellent way to contribute to this cause. By choosing it as your everyday means of transportation, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by decreasing dependence on vehicles that emit CO₂ and other polluting particles.

How many emissions do you avoid by using a bike instead of a car?

There are several studies depending on the type of vehicle, but we can establish a range between 170 and 210 g of CO2 per kilometre.

Imagine contributing to caring for the planet while moving swiftly and efficiently from one place to another with an electric bike.

As a curiosity, here’s the following fact:

According to a study by the journal Communications Earth and Environment, if the entire population chose to travel daily by bicycle, the world could reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 700 million tons per year, which would be equivalent to all emissions in a year from Canada.

Healthy routine for your body and mind

One of the most common challenges when setting New Year’s goals is maintaining consistency. With the electric bike, physical activity easily integrates into your daily routine. You can use it for commuting to work, running errands, or simply taking a ride through the park or along the waterfront.

By making the electric bike a part of your daily life, you’re establishing healthy habits that will last far beyond January.

Using the bike as a means of transportation has been shown to significantly reduce risks to physical and mental health. According to studies, individuals who choose the bike as their regular mode of transportation experience a 46% decrease in the risk of heart diseases and a 45% lower likelihood of developing cancer. According to studies, individuals who choose the bike as their regular mode of transportation experience a 46% decrease in the risk of heart diseases and a 45% lower likelihood of developing cancer. hese figures highlight the benefits not only for sustainable mobility but also for personal health by opting for this active and healthy mode of transportation.

Regarding mental health, cycling for just 30 minutes a day can have an extremely positive impact. This habit not only boosts overall mood but also enhances the quality of nightly rest. Additionally, it significantly contributes to reducing levels of stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

As mentioned earlier, by cycling (an electric bike or not), you can tick off several goals you’ve set for the coming year:

  • Practising more sports ✅
  • Improving physical and mental health ✅
  • Saving money ✅
  • Reducing impact on nature ✅

Dare to pedal towards your goals and explore a world of possibilities on two wheels. May this new year be full of kilometres and urban adventures with your electric bike!

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