The most comfortable way to transport any Ossby folding bike model by train, plane, intercity/long-distance bus or car. This new design is more resistant and long-lasting. It has an inner lining and all its seams are reinforced and it is easier to move thanks to its rigid base with 5 wheels.


Dimensions: 83 x 39 x 33 cm

Weight: 3 kg (approx.)

Assembled bag sizes:

110 cm high in the highest point and 70 cm in the lowest part.

30 cm wide.

Available colour: black

Check the photo to have a better idea.

Important: the photographs and images of this product are indicative and the actual visual appearance may vary.


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If you can’t be far from your Ossby for even a day, this is your ideal accessory. Take your bike on vacation or on your business trip. If you travel a lot and want to be completely free and sustainable wherever you go, you’ll need this travel case for your Ossby bike. Usually, train or airlines companies will ask you to have your bike folded and in a travel case or cover. Voilà! Just what we have designed for these cases. Relax, with the protection it offers to your folding bike it will not be damaged or hit.

The new design is very resistant as it is made with 600D polyester. It has an inner lining that increases the protection of the bicycle against possible bumps or shocks during transport. In addition, and to guarantee its durability, all the seams are reinforced. The new travel bag has a rigid base with 5 wheels, so you can easily move it. Inside it hastwo slots to fit the wheels of the Ossby and will allow you to lock the bike. Zip closure and four handles, two small ones on the top to facilitate dragging on wheels, and two longer adjustable handles to carry it on the shoulder. Can be used with any Ossby bike model.