16-Inch Bicycle Inner Tube x 1.75

When a flat tire slows you down, we have the solution. With spare parts available at our warehouse in Madrid, you’ll receive your replacement inner tube quickly, allowing you to get back on the road in the city without delays. This is the advantage of choosing a Made in Spain brand, where quality and availability go hand in hand.


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Key Features:

Continue your journey without interruptions: If you experience a flat tire with your Ossby bicycle, don’t let that stop your adventure Our spare parts are ready to be shipped from our warehouse in Madrid, ensuring that you can keep rolling through the city in no time.

45° Angled Valves: Equipped with 45-degree angled valves, these chambers make it easier and more convenient to inflate your tires, especially on bikes with limited access spaces.

Recommended Pressure: With a maximum recommended pressure of 65 PSI | 2.8 – 4.8 Bar | 280 – 480 kPa

Dimensions: 16 inches x 1.75

If you need assistance with the installation of any of the spare parts, we recommend that you visit a workshop from our network of stores.



Note: This inner tube is compatible with the rear wheel of 16-inch bicycles like the Ossby GEO. Be sure to verify compatibility with your bicycle before making the purchase.



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