Need to replace the front wheel tire of your 14″ Ossby GEO bicycle?

Do not worry! At Ossby, we have spare parts for all our components, and they are available at our warehouse in Madrid. This means you’ll receive your replacement quickly and can continue riding your bike through the city in no time That’s the beauty of choosing a Made in Spain brand: guaranteed quality, availability, and reliability.


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Key Features:

Safety, Visibility, and Grip: With the 14-inch Bicycle Tire with Reflective Stripe, you’ll have grip tailored to urban roads. The reflective stripe increases your visibility in low light conditions, while the urban tread adds a sporty touch to your bicycle.

Universal Compatibility: This tire is designed to fit the front wheel of the Ossby GEO electric bicycle, as well as other bicycle models compatible with 14-inch measurements. Confirm compatibility with your bicycle before making the purchase. Please confirm compatibility with your bike before making the purchase.



Technical Specifications:

Size: 14 inches

Weight: 395 g

Features: 14×1,75 / ETRTO: 47-254

Terrain: Urban. Designed to provide grip on pavements and roads.

Included: Bike tyre for the 14-inch Ossby GEO front wheel. Note: Rim not included.



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