Verified: Exercise with an Electric Bike Surpasses Traditional Bicycling

Discover how a study dismantles the belief about exercising with an electric bike. Spoiler: yes, you're exercising, and more than you think.

The dilemma of electric bikes vs traditional ones.

The evolution in the world of bicycles has sparked an intense debate: is exercising with an electric bike a real exercise? Beyond mere mobility, e-bikes have piqued curiosity about its effectiveness in terms of physical exercise. Do you really exercise more with an electric bike than with a traditional bicycle? Dive into this analysis we’ve prepared, where we debunk the myth once and for all.



Electric bikes have revolutionized the way we navigate the city. Its impact in terms of sustainability and accessibility has been incredible, but did you know they go beyond being just a means of transportation? Yes! Recent studies are uncovering astonishing data about the physical benefits these bikes can bring to our lives.

The first myth to debunk is that using an electric bike doesn’t involve exercising. Nothing could be further from the truth! Although electric assistance provides you with extra support while pedaling, it doesn’t take away the opportunity to stay active. In fact, these models are perfect for those looking to start moving and exercising, as the motor assistance allows you to pedal with less effort and encourages you to cover longer distances.

Moreover, have you ever thought about the freedom electric bikes offer? They allow you to move without the stress of traffic congestion, give you the flexibility to choose your routes, and, above all, provide the opportunity to exercise your body while enjoying the journey. These combined benefits are the perfect formula for leading a more active and healthy life without feeling exhausted upon reaching your destination.

These bikes are not only changing how we move around the city but also how we take care of our health.. So, are you ready to hop on an electric bike and enjoy its physical advantages while moving from one place to another? The experience will surprise you.

In this blog post, we detail all the advantages and disadvantages of the bicycle as a means of transportation.


The study conducted by the Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives (TRIP),which examined 10,000 European cyclists, challenges the popular belief about exercising with an ebike. The key? The time dedicated to riding. Contrary to the preconceived idea, electric bike users spend more time weekly on their commutes, translating into a higher cumulative amount of exercise. This enlightening finding dismantles the assumption of a lack of exercise on these bikes. If you have a smartwatch monitoring your physical activity, you’ll see how the electric bike helps meet your daily activity goals.


The report also emphasizes that, although traditional bikes require more intense physical effort during use, electric bike users dedicate more time to riding. This commitment results in a higher total weekly exercise. It’s crucial to understand that exercise is measured not only by intensity but also by consistency and the time invested in the activity.

While traditional bicycles require more intense physical effort during use, electric bike users dedicate more time to riding.


The study reveals differences in the user profiles: electric bike cyclists tend to be slightly older than traditional bike users.

This challenges the notion that only young people are exercise enthusiasts. Additionally, both groups maintain a Body Mass Index within the considered normal range, proving that physical activity has no age limit or fitness condition.

E-bikes offer significant benefits for older individuals. Thanks to electric assistance (and the lightweight design, in the case of the folding ebike Ossby GEO), these bicycles require less physical effort and provide greater autonomy. This allows older adults to cover longer distances without fatigue, exploring more extensive areas of the city without physical exhaustion.


Discovering the virtues of electric bikes goes beyond its ability to keep us fit. These vehicles not only offer a comfortable and effortless ride but also have a considerable impact on our environment and overall well-being.

When it comes to sustainable mobility, ebikes are true champions. Their use not only reduces our carbon footprint but also alleviates congestion on our busy urban streets. Imagine navigating the city smoothly, without wasting time in traffic and without emitting pollutants. This not only benefits the environment but also has a positive influence on the air quality we breathe every day.

But that’s not all. Did you know that electric bikes can be a balm for our minds? Yes, you heard it right. When you hop on an electric bike, you experience an unparalleled sense of freedom. The fresh breeze, the moving landscape, and the possibility of exploring city corners in an agile and serene manner all contribute to reducing stress and improving your mood. It’s like a little break in your daily routine, a pause that reconnects body and mind.

This combination of physical and emotional benefits makes electric bikes indispensable allies for a healthier and happier urban life.. They not only keep us active but also help us preserve our environment and find a space of calm amid the daily hustle. So, why not give these wonderful travel companions a chance? Its advantages go far beyond what you imagine.

Ejercicio con una bici eléctrica. Ossby-geo_ebike_Plegable


As you can see, an electric bike not only represents an efficient mobility option but can also provide a significant amount of exercise. Its ability to promote an active lifestyle is undeniable, challenging the misconception about its contribution to physical activity. This discovery is crucial for those looking for an effective way to stay active and healthy. Exercising on an electric bike is a must to feel good both on the outside and inside.


As we move towards a more environmentally and health-conscious future, promoting active mobility becomes even more relevant. The integration of policies that encourage the use of electric bikes, such as the folding electric bike Ossby GEO, as an option for active and sustainable mobility, can have a positive impact on society. Likewise, awareness of the benefits of this bike in terms of exercise and sustainable mobility is essential to promote positive change.

With all this information, are you ready to switch to healthy and effective urban mobility with an Ossby GEO?