The ultimate folding bike with gears: discover why


Did you think a folding bike with gears should be too heavy? Well, in this article you will discover that this is not the case, especially if you are looking for an urban bike to move around the city. Find out why, in this case, there is no lack of too many speeds and… which is our favorite!

Why do I need a folding bike with changes?

There are some aspects that you must take into account when determining if you need different changes to your bike and, above all, define how many. Analyze them well to know what type you really need.


Examine the distance you are going to pedal each day. Is it larger than 20 or 25 km? Maybe then you should have some long gear to, in certain areas, be able to travel more space with each pedaling.

However, if your journey is a little shorter and relatively flat, you do not need 21 speeds, much less. In fact, with less than 7 you will manage perfectly.

Keep in mind that each of the gears are extra sprockets that must be added and, therefore, more weight.


We understand that, if you are looking for a folding bicycle (without assessing now the number of gears), it is either because you want to store it in a small corner of your house without it getting in the way or because you want to take it with you on the subway or the bus. For both circumstances you need it to fold easily.

In the first it is important that it has several levels of folding, that is, that not only the frame is folded, but also the handlebars or pedals. In the second, the vital thing is that the main fold is quick to carry out, since you will not want to see yourself trying to fold your bike for 5 minutes before entering the bus.

The final folding bike with gears has to have just the right number of changes so as not to be too heavy.


If you are sure that you need a folding bicycle of this type, it is because in your daily journey there is a slope, even if it is small. Here you must enter to assess how pronounced and long that (or those) costs, because the higher these two values are, perhaps the more development you will need.

In case they are many, very long and pronounced, you may even have to consider the possibility of getting a traditional bicycle, which is not folding. Although… there is also another option! A folding bike that has gears and that is electric! So you can help yourself with the engine every time you find a slope where you need a little help.

But if you go through the city it is very rare that you find endless slopes, so a good folding and, above all, a lower weight (as we will see in the next lines) to a greater number of pine nuts or plates can prevail.


Are you going to combine different means of transport? If, for example, you plan to use the bike to get to the nearest metro station, what you should keep in mind, in addition to the simple folding, is that it is light.

However, the more development it has… the more it will weigh! That’s why you always have to find the perfect balance between number of gears and weight depending on your needs.

In fact, if you need an electric bike keep in mind that it will probably have a somewhat higher weight than those that only have changes.

Ossby Curve Eco: the ultimate folding bike with gears

This 3-speed folding bike is lightweight, has an extraordinarily fast folding and, in addition… has an electric version! That is why we believe that it is the perfect bike if what you are looking for is to circulate around your city in your day to day.

Its 3 speeds will allow you to climb small slopes without arriving full of sweat anywhere. If we add to that a weight of just 9.5 kg (folding bikes with gears are usually around 13-14 kg), this will be very easy to transport to get on the bus or the subway.

This number of speeds is perfect to go around the city, since it does not bring excessive weight but allows you to face small slopes that are in the city. And, since cities are generally not full of slopes everywhere, why incorporate a weight that is then uncomfortable for you when transporting it?

But that’s not where the good news with this bike ends! It is that thanks to the Easy up folding its structure it decreases in size by half… in just one second! As you read it.

With this quick folding mode it will take practically nothing to have your bike ready to be
through a shopping center or to put it in your office building.

And if you want to add an electric version to all this because in your case you consider it necessary … go ahead! With the
Ossby Curve Electric
you have the option of enjoying a bike of only 13.5 kg (the average weight of electric bikes is around 17 kg) with a range of 45 km.

So now that you know the folding bike with definitive gears to make the city yours… What are you waiting for to try it first hand? Feel the freedom to explore your city without limits.

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