The right saddle height on the bike: Practical tips

The test of cotton when pedaling comfortably and safely lies in controlling the height of the saddle. We help you find the perfect one for you.

Tips for measuring the height of the bicycle saddle

Finding the perfect measurement means taking advantage of all the force of pedaling, circulating more comfortably and, of course, not injuring yourself at the most unexpected moment.

Get hold of tape measure and a marker, and we will do things right from the beginning through the following parameters to make a correct measurement:

Adjusting the correct height of the saddle helps to circulate more comfortably and take advantage of the maximum force of pedaling.

1. Measure the distance from your crotch to the ground

This measure will be the basis for getting it right. You can lie down with your feet resting on the wall and make a mark on the floor at the height of your crotch.. Then, measure the distance from that point to the wall and you’re good to go.

2. Multiply the previous distance by 0.88

According to different studies, the perfect height of the saddle is 88% of the height of your crotch. For example, if the distance to your crotch is 100 cm, the ideal will be 88 cm. Pure science. Now, use that measurement you’ve taken out to measure the distance from the ground and adjust the height of the saddle to match the distance you calculated.

3. Alternative if you don’t have a metro

You can do it by eye by sitting on top of the saddle and placing the heel on the pedal. Then pedal back until you place the parallel connecting rod in the tube of the frame that ascends to the seat. Owe check that the position of your leg is fully extended.

And since you have the tape measure at hand to measure the height of the saddle, measure the small space occupied by
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