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Robust and heavy can’t be, that’s clear. If you are looking for a folding bike is that it is light and small. Why? Well, because, if you did not need those features, you would be looking for one of a traditional size. But to find that perfect model for you, what should you look for? What elements make it comfortable to wear and take up little space? Read on and find out. In addition, we will also tell you which is our favorite!

Why do you need a lightweight folding bike?

You go on different means of transport

Moving from bus to train should be a comfortable transition and without any complications. You do not want to take 5 minutes folding it or staying out of the subway car because you do not have room for your two-wheeled companion. Clearly, you need a bike that is very simple to carry and carry.

In these cases, it is not only important that the structure is smaller when folded, but also that it is easy to carry from one place to another. That is, it is not the same that the 11 kg stays in just a bucket of 50 x 50 cm, which is great, that that bucket is easy to transport. Maybe it will be a little wider but that you can carry it on the wheels with one hand is more convenient. In addition, if when folding it so much then you have to carry 10 kg in dead weight, it can become an inconvenience for the health of your back.

You want to save gas and time

If what you want is to save yourself the traffic jams (and, incidentally, help your health and the planet) and change your car trips to work for bike routes, phenomenal. But check that this is small enough to fit in your office and on your floor.

Does it seem a contradiction with the previous point? Yes, but it’s not. If it has different levels of folding, you may be able to transport it on its own wheels with only one without major problem. But that, if you advance a little more in the folding, allow you to save it anywhere.

You have very little space to store it

The problem of space in large cities is growing. If you have very little space in your apartment or in the office, betting on a small folding bike is an ideal option for you. Now then conscientiously measures the available space before buying any model so that you can get hold of it and fit in those dimensions. Getting home and, once inside, you see that it does not fit in that corner that you had proposed for her, is a real task.

You need it to be easy to transport

Are the subway transfers you have to do every day too long? That’s a good example of a situation where you need your folding bike to be light and very easy to transport from one place to another. In those moments you can not get on it and go on two wheels through the corridors of the underground. At least if you don’t want to end up with a good fine.

That is why it is a very good idea to get a model that allows you to maintain stability and balance in the transport once folded and with one hand. And, in such a case, having the fastening too low can be a big inconvenience. Keep this in mind when choosing it.

What to look for to choose the smallest and lightest folding bike?

Ok. You already know that your circumstances are crying out for an ultra-light and compact folding bike. So far so clear. But for it to be so, What characteristics of the models should you look for? Keep reading and we will explain it to you.

In their fold levels

If one of the fundamental requirements for your specific case is that the bicycle is very small once folded, focus on the different folds it has. I mean that not only the dimensions of the frame are reduced, but also those of the pedals or handlebars. This way it will really become compact and will fit you in any corner.

In its folded size

Analyzes very well the depth, length and width of the bike both unfolded and once folded. So you can know if it will be comfortable to use in your day to day, if the folding levels are effective and, finally, if it fits in the place you had planned to store it.

In the speed of folding

Especially in case you have to fold it and unfold it several times a day, analyze the bike model very well before getting hold of it. It is useless for you one that weighs very little and that folded remains in the minimum expression, if then every time you want to fold it takes 5 minutes. To avoid this situation, we advise you to see
on the internet of any model you have in mind. This way, you’ll know if they’re really simple to fold or not.

In the material of the table

If the frame material is not light enough, how will the bike as a whole be? Steel is one of the most used in the sector, but it is by no means the least weighty. Titanium and carbon fiber are, on the other hand, the least dense and most flexible materials, yes, but their price makes them practically unattainable for ordinary mortals.

Is there a middle ground? Yes, it’s called aluminum. This material is up to 3 times lighter than steel and its price does not rise as much as that of frames made with titanium or carbon fiber. It is the right point at which as a user you will find it much more comfortable to transport it, but without spending what you would do in a traditional competition.

In total weight

Apart from the frame, the material in which the pedals are made, the number of sprockets and plates it has and the dimensions of the wheels also intervene in the weight. That is, if you are looking for a very very light folding bike, the lower the speeds and the smaller the wheel size, the better. And if the pedals are also made of aluminum, perfect.

What is the best light and small folding bike for the city?

You have reached a point where you know perfectly well whether or not you need a bike of small dimensions and little weight and, in that case, what you should look for to make it so. Phenomenal. Well, the time has come to talk to you about a model that meets the characteristics you are looking for. And, in addition, we will tell you why. Do you want to know? Go ahead, read on.

Ossby Curve Eco
, the small and ultralight folding bike that will make you fall in love:

1. By weight

The average weight between the folding ones is about 12 kg. Do you know how much the Ossby Curve Eco weighs? Only 9.5 kg. As you read it. This is achieved thanks to a frame made of aluminum accompanied by wheels of only 14″ (the rear) and 12″ (the front) and only 3 speeds. The latter are more than enough to pedal around the city and face the slopes that you can find in it. In addition, the pedals made of nylon and aluminum are ultralight!

2. By size

The Ossby Curve Eco is a small bike where there are. That is, its wheels are very few inches and its structure occupies very little space both folded (93x70x22 cm) and unfolded (93x120x55 cm). On the other hand, it should be noted that very few models you will find that wide measure so little once the pedals are folded. Because at only 22 cm, it fits anywhere!

However, its folded size is not so small as to be uncomfortable to transport on the subway or train with one hand. So, in addition to being able to save it anywhere, you can transport it comfortably anywhere!

3. By folding

Thanks to the Easyup folding, you will be able to reduce the size of the bike by half in just one second. Yes, only in one. In addition, the handlebars and pedals, as we have already mentioned, also fold. So, as you can see, not only does it fold quickly and easily, but it also does so at several points! Come on, how could it not be crowned as one of the best small folding bikes on the market?

4. For its extras

Its disc brakes with 140 mm rotor, its fenders and its 3-speed transmission system, with 11T, 13T and 15T sprockets, are extras that you will surely love about this model. In addition, the picture comes in 4 beautiful different colors to choose from (navy blue, purple, red and turquoise) so you can combine it with your own style.

As you can see, the

Ossby Curve Eco

is a lightweight, compact and extraordinarily versatile folding bike. And it has nothing less than … 2 years of warranty! How much longer are you going to wait to get hold of it and finally enjoy your city?

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