The 10 best cities with bike lanes in Spain


In a moment of transformation like the current one, betting on the bicycle becomes the best of the contributions to mobility, lifestyle and, of course, our planet. You just need to know what they are the best cities with bike lanes in Spain.

Recently, the Consumers Organization (OCU) launched a study that analyzed the number of kilometers of bicycle path in different cities. The curious thing? The big difference between them. As long as we take into account that it is a protected cycling route and separated from the rest of the traffic, of course.

We give you a hint: The city with the most bike lanes in Spain is famous for a fair that is held every September.

And so, while in Madrid there are barely 0.01 kilometers of bicycle lanes for each kilometer in use, other cities reach a ratio of up to 15.

A new opportunity to reinvent mobility, turn the city into that home that sometimes suffers and release your best folding bike. Especially, if we count as a reference to the following cities.

10) Valladolid

With up to 78 kilometers (equivalent to 0.26 meters of lane per inhabitant), Valladolid is the tenth city with the highest number of bike lanes in Spain. Something that is not strange when the city has so many green and flat areas hugging the banks of the Pisuerga.

9) Lleida

The Catalan city has 7 mountain bike centers, a good indication of its attraction for
. Specifically, up to 37 kilometers cross Lleida, a metric that is equivalent to 0.27 meters of bike path per inhabitant.

8) San Sebastian

The Basque city is the closest thing to an open-air museum and a mecca for cyclists. So much so that the Classic of San Sebastian is considered one of the main cycling events in Spain. 56 kilometers of bike path (or 0.30 meters per person) that invite you to start the best route. Especially, when beaches like Ondarreta or La Concha await at the end of the tour.

7) Murcia

The capital of Segura boasts no less than 141 kilometers of bike lane covering both urban and natural spaces around the city. This is equivalent to 0.32 meters of adapted track for every inhabitant of the most famous orchard in Europe. If you can, finish your route with a typical michirones cap, but without going overboard!

6) Burgos

Despite the cold, the inhabitants of Burgos are adept at pedaling throughout the city. Hence, it is not surprising that Burgos has even 60 kilometers of bike lane, equivalent to 0.34 meters per inhabitant. As a suggestion, do not miss the stretch of the Camino de Santiago that crosses the center of the city, including its brand new cathedral.

5) Alicante

Open and cheerful, Alicante is one of those ideal cities to travel by bicycle while the breeze caresses you in the face through its 133 km of bike path. 0.40 meters of portion for each inhabitant which translates into exciting tours with stops in places such as its emblematic Barrio de Santa Cruz or the Marina.

4) Cordoba

By 0.01 meters per inhabitant, Cordoba surpasses Alicante. The Andalusian city also has 133 km of cycling track, which in this case is equivalent to 0.41 meters per inhabitant. A capital that breathes history on all four sides and invites you to a unique walk among its courtyards and alleys, especially in the spring season.

3) Castell├│n de la Plana

The Valencian city deceives, and little by little it is becoming a model town. A place where the sea caresses its castles, art intersects with nature and the best Sunday plan is a bike ride. 86 km of bike lane at the service of its inhabitants and the 0.51 meters that each one holds.

2) Vitoria-Gasteiz

Considered as European Green Capital in 2012, Vitoria-Gasteiz already gave indications of its status as a green city not, very green. Proof of this are their 145 cycling kilometers spread over 0.59 meters per person. The best? That no inhabitant is more than 250 meters from a bike path and the urban art that floods its walls becomes the best pastime to discover while pedaling.

1) Albacete

Surprised? The city of La Mancha is the best place on the Peninsula to cycle. The reason is none other than their 190 km of travel, equivalent to 1.1 meter per inhabitant.

Does anyone want to release their
folding bike
in the best city with a bike path in Spain?

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