Storing bicycles in a small space: the best alternatives


In the era of minimalism and the constant reinvention of small places, we tell you the best alternatives to store bicycles in a small space.

How to store bicycles in small spaces or flats

Ceiling brackets

If you have high ceilings and a clear floor, you can include a support or ceiling hanger to hook your bike. Requirements? Make sure that the paint on the wall does not stain with possible chafing (we recommend betting on a dark color), or disassemble the front wheel and loosen the handlebars so that it takes up less space.


A simpler and cheaper option that depends on the type of hook you choose: to hang the bike on one of the wheels or to hang it through the frame. If you also have two at home, the hooks are ideal to make better use of the space.

Standing or vertical supports

The brackets allow you to keep it in a fixed position, always depending on the desired orientation, either standing or vertically. A good option to store bicycles in a small space, for example, the balcony or the hall of your apartment.

From inserting hooks to getting a folding one, there are several options to store your bike in tight spaces.

Outdoor chest

If you have outdoor areas at home, the problem will not be the space, but the protection. In this case, you can opt for an outdoor chest and place it in a strategic place to protect it from rain, dust or autumn leaves. A cheaper version lies in choosing
a bike cover

self-learning center

Urban spaces are increasingly adapted to cyclists with specific areas to
go on two wheels in the big city
. The centers of
provide extra space at affordable prices to store your bike 24 hours a day, in addition to having access control and individual alarm. A good option if you want to not worry when storing the bike at home.

Buy a folding bike

They have become the last cry for urban cyclists that you need to store bicycles in a small space. Thanks to the possibility of dismantling it, you can continue moving around the big city knowing that you can take it with you by public transport, transport it comfortably to the countryside on weekends and, of course, make a hole in your apartment without worrying about space.

Discover the best
folding bikes
with Ossby.

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