Technical support

Ossby Folding Bikes

All our folding bicycles are manufactured in Madrid. In this way we can offer our customers 100% of the spare parts immediately. As a brand we offer a three-year warranty. One of our main objectives is to ensure a fast and efficient technical service to our representatives and customers.

Ossby Curve folding bike user manual

In the instruction manual of the folding bike Ossby Curve we have collected all the necessary information so that you can get the most out of your bike and get to know it thoroughly for a longer life. We explain how to fold it – both the frame, the pedals and the handlebars – as well as general information regarding safety. It is also very important that you follow the necessary steps, in the case of the electric version, to connect it for the first time and to charge it.

In the manual, you will also find another section with instructions to adjust the bicycle before each use, and basic notions for the maintenance and technical adjustment of our folding bicycle.

How to adjust the brakes, tire pressure and chain tension are some of the aspects that you can find in this guide. Click on the button to download the Ossby folding bike user manual for more information.

Download user manual

App for the Ossby Curve Electric

Download the Keyde App to easily manage your bike via its Bluetooth connection and forget about cables!

From your phone you can choose between the different assistance modes, check the battery’s charge, and see how fast you are moving.

App Ossby Curve Electric


In addition to the user manual, we advise you to visit our YouTube channel where you will find several practical tips for your Ossby Curve folding bike. In the videos you will see how the different parts of the Ossby bike are folded and how to adjust its elements.


Do not forget to validate your warranty by filling out the form to register as a user. You can access the form by clicking here or through the validate Ossby warranty page that you will find in the footer.