My bike was stolen: what do I do?


According to the latest study by Bar├│metro de la Bicicleta, 17.8% of Spanish cyclists have suffered the theft of their bicycle at some point. Sometimes, even more than once. If it has also happened to you and you want to recover it, do not miss the following tips.

In the mythical Italian film
Bicycle Thief
, Antonio was a post-war unemployed man who finds work pasting posters. However, on the first day of work, his bicycle is stolen, taking the protagonist to tour the entire town, follow the alleged thief to a soup kitchen and even go to a seer!

Luckily, if it has happened to you, finding out where it is through a crystal ball is not necessary if you know how to do things right.

My bike was stolen: here's what you need to do

1. Go to the Police

Many of the people who suffer the theft of their bicycle, do not report the theft. However, how do you intend to find it if you do not notify it at the police station? To heal yourself in health, quickly go to your nearest police office and report it. You’ll be surprised to learn that the police find them more often than you think. Likewise, if you have insurance, a report is the first requirement to obtain coverage.

Reporting the theft of the bicycle is a step that many omit, without knowing that it can be key to recover it.

2. Explore the area

Although many of the thieves steal them and then sell them or even dismantle them, others do it for pure leisure (and for not buying one, basically). In this case, you can take a walk around the area to check if the broken padlock is somewhere or even if the bike lies parked in a corner. Asking at establishments located nearby is also useful, especially if they have security cameras.

3. Ask for help on social networks

Social media serves much more than getting likes and posting photos drinking beers. In fact, you’d be surprised how many people have gotten a roommate, found an owner for that pet up for adoption, or especially found their stolen bike. Post a photo to Instagram stories

or your Facebook wall and let your friends share it. Maybe in a few hours, you will receive a photo of someone who has seen it and that will allow you to stop the search.

How to prevent the theft of your bicycle

“Better safe than sorry” is a well-known saying that we also do not always apply to the letter. In any case, don’t worry! Surely this first scare will lead you to take measures in the future so that it does not happen again. These are the best recommendations:

Dial your bike ID number

One of the best ways to prevent the theft of your bicycle (or at least, expedite the process) is to get an identification mark. How? Currently different companies offer a twelve-digit identification number marked in the box. This number allows you to link the bike with your personal data through an internal system that helps the police recognize and return it to its owner.

Use padlock, a classic

Get a padlock, but not just any one. Although those more robust U-shaped or horseshoe are the most consumed, we recommend using two locks: a main and robust one for the frame and rear wheel, and a second spiral for the front wheel. In addition, we recommend locking it in strategic places: branches where there is a security camera in sight, or in areas neither too crowded nor quiet.

Blessed technology

Especially if you have an
, there are new anti-theft devices focused on the location of your bike through GPS in case of theft. Generally, these are GPS locators inserted through a SIM card and connected to a app own that allows you to control where it is located. It does not promise magic solutions, but it is a good complement to the padlock and others.


for bikes

Get a folding bike

New needs require new alternatives. And at a time when mobility is readapting to new scenarios and drivers, a
folding bike
becomes the best bet. Far from being a simple fashion, folding bikes are here to stay and promise the best anti-theft solution: to be able to take them with you anywhere without having to lock it. Are you going to class? Keep it at the ticket office or concierge! Are you staying working on your favorite caf├ę? There will be no problem in storing it in a corner.

Now you know what to do when your bike has been stolen and be able to recover it. Follow all these tips and good luck!

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