Manual signals from cyclists: learn to signal by bicycle

Signaling others while pedaling on our bike is vital to ensure your safety and that of other drivers. Use your body language and write down the following hand signals for cyclists.

Riding a bicycle means being part of road traffic with all the responsibility that this entails. In fact 73% of bicycle accidents in Spain involve the presence of another car, according to a study by the DGT. However, many of these claims are avoidable if you use different hand signals that communicate to other vehicles your intentions, either when changing direction or stopping.

Change of direction to the right

this action can be indicated using two variants: the first, bending the left elbow and forming an “L” with the arm while the palm of the hand points to the front. The second option is to extend the right arm perpendicular to our trunk.

Change of direction to the left

This change is indicated by extending the left arm perpendicular to the trunk. Changes of direction, both right and left, should be indicated when you turn a corner or make a lane change with your bike, either normal or

Slowing down

This option also serves to indicate that you are going to make a stop and consists of placing the left elbow so that the arm forms an angle of 90┬║, while the palm of the hand points towards the driver behind. The arm forms an inverted “L”.

Ensuring your safety and that of other drivers is vital to ensure circulation. These manual signals from cyclists are the best allies along with reflective vests and others essential gadgets

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