Main brands of folding bicycles in Spain


In our country there is talent. And a lot. Proof of this are the different brands of folding bicycles in Spain. In addition, the manufacture of its models within national borders promotes the economy and prestige of our professionals and is a guarantee of quality for the buyer. Do you want to know them? Read!


It is a firm of folding electric bicycles that was born in Seville in 2010. Its models are comfortable to drive and very practical. The weight of its bikes is around 17 kg and its wheels are about 20 inches. The price of its models is around € 1,500.

The brands of folding bicycles in Spain set the bar very high, giving prestige to the sector and quality to the user.


At the time this Navarrese company was a leader in the folding bicycle sector. In fact, it was one of the first to incorporate the engine into the frame. However, today it has become a bit obsolete and, in fact, its models (which stopped updating for some years) can no longer be purchased on its website.


This folding bicycle firm based in Barcelona carries out all its manufacture in Spain. It has different models, but most have about 6 speeds and 20″ wheels.


Located in Madrid, where we carry out all the manufacture of our folding bicycles, in Ossby we take care of every detail of our models.

Yes, because from the weight (our version Curve Eco it only weighs 9.5 kg and the Curve Electric only 13.5 kg), up to the folding (with the Easy up folding system in one second) or the wheels (14″ and 12″, perfect for a fold that allows you to store it anywhere), every detail is measured to the millimeter to offer you the perfect folding bike for you.

So you know, if you want to support the manufacture made in Spain and, incidentally, get a Spanish folding bike (whether electric or not) perfect for the city, what are you waiting for to try your Ossby first hand?

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