Help the purchase of electric bicycles in Madrid

Help from the community of Madrid Electric bicycle

Finally, the grants from the CAM and the Madrid [Actualización] City Council are here to acquire an electric bicycle and save you up to € 600. A unique opportunity to get your Ossby Curve Electric at an incredible price. The most difficult thing about the whole process will be choosing the color of your bike, blue, purple, red or turquoise?


The Community of Madrid published on May 20, 2021 in the
Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid the
requirements and conditions to be able to request the aid for the purchase of electric bicycles. An initiative received as water of May (never better said) by all the people who want to move in a more sustainable and efficient way through their city. With this plan
you can save up to € 600 on the purchase of your bike with electric pedaling assistance.

Likewise, the Madrid City Council made public the “

CAMBIA 360 Micromobility

” aid of 2021 for the purchase of electric bicycles, scooters, mopeds or motorcycles, with which it aims to transform personal mobility in the city of Madrid. With this subsidy, compatible with that of the CAM, you can reduce the cost of your bike with pedaling assistance by another € 600.

Keep reading this post because we tell you TO-DO and we will solve the doubts that may arise when requesting help to buy your new eBike.

  • How much money has the C. de Madrid invested?

The plan itself is called “Aid for the promotion of zero-emission mobility in the Community of Madrid” and 2 million euros will be allocated. After the success of the last call in 2020, the Madrid Governing Council has decided to promote this second round. Yuhu!

  • Who is eligible for help?

    • Natural persons of legal age, residents of the municipality of the Community of Madrid.
    • Self-employed professionals and microenterprises who are registered in the Community of Madrid.
  • Dates and requirements to take into account

    • If you have made the purchase of an electric bike before May 20, you have until August 20, 2021.
    • For purchases after May 20, 2021: You have up to 3 months from the time of purchase to apply for the aid. The end date of the aid program is December 31, 2023.
    • The purchase of the bike can be made in any store (online or physical), not only those that are in Madrid.
    • The payment method must be through a financial institution. No cash, checks or transfers in accounts.
  • What requirements must the bike meet?

    • It has to be an electric bicycle with pedal assist up to 25 km / h, with a maximum power less than or equal to 250 W.
    • Complete lighting system.
    • Battery with a capacity equal to or greater than 248 Wh (watts/hour).
    • Maximum invoice price of 4,000 euros (VAT included).

In short, to be an eBike like our Ossby Curve Electric

folding electric bike.

ayuda de la comunidad madrid bici electrica

  • How much is the help?

Let’s talk about what’s important, how much I can save. If you catch a bike today, electric you can deduct up to 50% of the purchase price (without accessories or taxes), with a maximum of 600 euros.

Example: Our Ossby Curve Electric

folding electric bike costs € 1,590 (1314 + VAT) and the help to buy it would be € 600, the maximum amount.

  • How is it processed?

Calm, it is simple and there are several ways to do the processing and send all the paperwork.

You can submit your application online or in person.

In both cases it is necessary to fill in the
application form
, which you can complete online. At the end you can send the application directly to the electronic registry or generate a PDF document for face-to-face presentation in the authorized places.

IMPORTANT: To submit the online application, through the electronic registry, it is necessary to have an electronic DNI or one of the
electronic Certificates recognized by the Community of Madrid.

If you prefer to present the documentation in person, you can do it in any of the Registry Assistance Offices of the Community of Madrid, the General State Administration, other Autonomous Communities, Local Entities, post offices and diplomatic representations or consular offices of Spain abroad.

  • What documentation do I have to provide along with the application?

    • NIF/NIE
    • Certificate or flyer of registration
    • Certificate of being up to date with payment with the Social Security and the Tax Agency. (In the case of a certificate from the Tax Agency, the form leaves you the option to authorize them to consult that you have everything in order with the Treasury and this would be enough)
    • NIF Company or tax identity (only if you are self-employed or SME)
    • Copy of the complete invoice. The invoice must include the date of purchase, the make, model and serial or chassis number of the vehicle purchased, as well as the price with the amount of VAT broken down.

If you make the purchase in our online store

or with one of the distribution tiendas

, you will be provided with the invoice with all the information. For any questions or queries, you can send us a message through our form.

With all this clear and fulfilling the requirements that are requested, you should have no problem to be given the OK and granted the help. Requests are taken care of on a first-come, first-served basis, so hit the pedals and order it as soon as possible!

bicicleta plegable electrica madrid ossbyFor those who live in the CAM and want to forget about traffic jams, making 3 transfers, arriving late, the overwhelm of peak hours on public transport, this is your golden opportunity to catch an electric bike. It only remains that you decide on one and we, who are very nice, give you a few clues of
why we have the best folding electric bike



On November 23, 2021, the Madrid City Council launched its aid for the acquisition of micromobility vehicles within its “
plan. The total budget is € 500,000 and it can be requested only until December 23, 2021. Hurry up!

The requirements are very similar (almost the same) as those of the Community of Madrid, but we also give you a summary of the most important:

    • What kind of bicycles are accepted to ask for the help of the Madrid City Council?

Eligible models must be electric pedal assistance bicycles, the minimum requirements of which are as follows:

✅ Electric pedal assistance bicycles, equipped with an auxiliary electric motor with maximum power not exceeding 250 watts, which cannot be propelled exclusively by that auxiliary motor, the power of which is progressively reduced and which is finally interrupted before the speed of the vehicle reaches 25 km/h, or if the cyclist stops pedaling.
Equipped with full light system, fenders and goat’s foot.
The minimum retail price , without taxes or accessories, must be equal to or greater than 1,000 euros. The amount of the aid may be up to 50% of the final cost, excluding accessories and taxes, and with a maximum of € 600.

Again, our Ossby Curve Electric bike meets all the requirements.

Ayudas bicicleta eléctrica Ayuntamiento de madrid

    • Who can ask for this aid?

To the help for the purchase of an electric bicycle of the city of Madrid can opt all those individuals who are registered in the city of Madrid and who are up to date with all their tax obligations.

All people who purchase an eBike and wish to receive the aid, must request the participating centers to fill out a form from November 23 to December 23. You can make the purchase in our online store, since we are the official point of sale of these aids. You can also visit the Urban Zero physical store for advice.

    • Deadline: December 23, 2021.

All new electric bicycles purchased after November 15, 2021, the date of publication of the 2021 call for aid, will be able to access these aids. The deadline to submit the aid is December 23, 2021.

For more information you can read the REGULATORY BASES.


On the other hand, if you do not live in the Community of Madrid, do not worry because we hope that soon an aid will come out at the state level or that other communities will carry out initiatives similar to these. At the moment, the bilbao city council has also activated a subsidy plan for the acquisition of bicycles with pedal-assisted pedaling in an urban type. The aid is up to € 200 for purchases of urban electric bicycles made or that have been made between January 1 and October 30, 2021. On the other hand Melilla signed up for the mobility and sustainability aid with its aid of up to 300 euros for the purchase of a bicycle, eBike or bicycle motorization with its subsidy program for the acquisition of pedal-assisted bicycles personal mobility vehicles (VMP) for sustainable urban mobility in the autonomous city of Melilla for the year 2021.

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What is clear is that today’s cities have to be articulated with an effective system that facilitates and promotes mobility with vehicles such as bicycles, public transport and other sustainable modalities.

And you… how do you move around your city?

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