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Ossby Curve in detail


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Curve Eco & Curve Electric

Curve eco

Tour your city without limits and with 0% emissions

The new CURVE ECO folding bike stands out for its hyperlight weight (only 9.5 Kg), a unique design and its folding system in one movement, so it can accompany you everywhere.


Curve electric

The best folding electric bike? Yes I am

The new eBike CURVE ELECTRIC adapts to you and the way you move around the city. Very low weight, 13.5 Kg, so that your back does not suffer, innovative All In One technology and easy folding.

The balance between aesthetics and functionality



9.5 kg for the Curve Eco model and 13.5 kg for the Curve Electric model


For both models, 93 cm / 120 cm / 55 cm and folded, 93 cm / 70 cm / 22 cm.

Folding <em>Easyup</em>

Simply by pulling the crankshaft upwards, in a single movement, the bike will reduce to half its size whilst still allowing itself to be moved on its wheels.

<em>All in one</em> electric system

The battery, motor and sensors are integrated into the rear wheel of the Ossby Curve Electric model. This system has 250W/30V/10Ah and offers a range of 70 km. It is easily charged at the port located in the hub, in any electrical outlet.


Both models feature a 53T plate and a 3-speed gearbox with 11T, 13T and 15T sprockets.

Folding handlebar

A design patented by Ossby that allows folding with a simple movement and in turn offers the necessary robustness for a pleasant riding.

Brakes and wheels

It features disc brakes with 140mm rotor and 12″ front and 14″ rear wheels.

Pedals and fenders

Both models feature folding pedals made of nylon and aluminum and aluminum fenders.

Recommended height and weight

It is recommended for heights in a range between 145 cm and 185 cm for maximum comfort. Regarding the weight, its use is limited to a maximum of 95 kg.

The Perfect Match

All in One

Located in the rear wheel are the battery, motor and sensors. This system has 250W/30V/10Ah and offers a range of 70 km. It is easily charged at the entrance located on the shaft, in any electrical outlet.

Simply simple


Both the frame and the handlebars have been designed with the aim of making folding very easy and efficient so that you can take your Ossby with you whenever you want.

Make the most of it

with the App

Our electric model is easily controlled from the mobile phone via bluetooth connection and the Keyde App. Forget the wires!

Closer to you

Made in Spain

Each Ossby bike is welded, painted and assembled in Spain, thus guaranteeing our quality control, excellent after-sales service and technical support.

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