The best folding bike: what should you have?


The best folding bike is the one that covers all your travel needs. The end. That is the short answer, but, in turn, the most accurate. Do you want us to develop it a little so that you know, exactly, which model you should stay with? Perfect, keep reading and take note because we tell you everything.

First analyze your needs

The first thing you should do is study very well some aspects of the journeys you are going to make. In this way, you will know exactly what your needs are and look for the one that covers them.


In general, folding bikes are designed for urban environments, places where slopes are not exaggerated and where asphalt is the norm. But there are some that are very versatile and whose wheels allow you to move easily along routes with a little land, such as parks or gardens. In addition, those that have different speeds will allow you to climb those small slopes that you find in your city without any problem.

Now, for those slopes it is very important that it does not weigh too much. Otherwise, it will cost you to climb them, no matter how much you have different speeds. In fact, the latter add weight to the bike, since they require various dishes and pine nuts.

distancia-mejor-bicicleta-plegable Distance

Are you going to travel many kilometers with your detachable or bending bike? Then maybe one that has very small wheels may be too slow. However, you should keep in mind that in general, they are not to travel a barbarity of kilometers a day. In that case, you better get a traditional road.

And how many are too many kilometers? Well about 20-30 kilometers a day is more or less the maximum for a portable bike. But if you are going to do more, you will need wheels of at least 26″, that is, of traditional size.

bicicleta-plegable Daily use

The investment you make in what is going to become your main means of transport is not the same daily than in the one that will be of very sporadic use. That is, in the first case it is logical that you cover a larger outlay, since you pay for your daily comfort.

But in the second, you do not need to invest a fortune in a bike with a frame made of titanium if you are going to use it a couple of Sundays a month.


If you have come to the conclusion that you will need it for your daily trips to work or the gym and these have a transfer, choose the best folding bike for your case. And that should be, without a doubt, one that allows you to get on the bus, train or subway in a matter of seconds.

That is, the one whose folds are very simple and fast. You don’t want to hit yourself for 5 minutes at the subway door trying to fold it, right?

Features of the best folding bike

1. Low weight

Without a doubt, the best folding bike should be lightweight. Its handling to upload it to another means of transport or to store it must be simple and agile. To do this, a weight below 12 or 13 kg is the most recommended. Above that weight it will be very difficult (and, above all, uncomfortable) to lift it down the stairs of the subway or those of your portal.

To opt for the lightest ones, look closely at the material in which the painting is made. Steel, although it is robust and withstands shocks well, weighs no less than 3 times more than aluminum. There are other materials, such as titanium or carbon fiber, which are also extremely lightweight, however, they are so expensive that they are only used in competition.

2. Easy folding

A complex folding system is, in the long run, a real hassle. If you buy one of these bikes that bend is precisely for that, to that bends quickly and easily. That is why you should look for a locking and unlocking system for folding that is easy for you to handle at any time. To ensure this point is covered in the model you’re interested in, search reviews, analysis and comments on the internet. Do not stay in the mere description of the store

3. Different folds

Do you have very little space to store the detachable bike? Then look for those that not only have a main fold in the area of the painting, but also have folding pedals and handlebars. In this way, it will be reduced to the minimum expression when you need it.

4. Portability

What do we mean by portability? Well, that gives you the opportunity to transport it comfortably. To do this, the structure must be light enough (in case you have to lift it at some point). But, in addition, it must have a fastening system that is easy for you to handle, for example, while you are walking through the corridors of the subway or through the building where you have the office.

For this there are some models that have handles. But that simple structure really does is provide unnecessary weight and dimensions, since the best folding bikes on the market can be moved with one hand and no need to add extra elements. A good example is the Ossby Curve, both in its Eco and electric version, which continues to roll supported on the wheels once folded and can be moved with one hand, which allows you to transport it very easily and comfortably.

5. Speeds

There are some that do not have marches. This results in the slightest cost generating fatigue and sweat in the user. What is the reason why some brands do not incorporate different speeds? Well, because they require pine nuts and dishes, which increases the total weight.

In fact, this usually happens in those made of steel, which are already quite heavy. But those that are made of aluminum are, in general, lighter, so they can afford some gears to provide driving comfort to the user.

What is the best folding bike?

Ok. You have already analyzed your specific needs and you know what characteristics you should study in each model to choose the one that is most suitable for your case. And now, having all that information in hand, you want to know, of course, what the portable bike is. Well, then not only will we tell you what it is, but also why it has that honor!

Ossby Curve Eco: without a doubt, the best folding bike:

Designed to give you a new urban transport experience and very versatile. With it you will feel l againfreedom to move around the city incredibly comfortably and safely. Why? Read on and find out.

  • By weight
    Do you know what is the average weight of this type of bikes? No less than 15 kg. But do you know how much the Ossby Curve Eco weighs? Only 9.5 kg! As you read it. All thanks to a frame made of aluminum, nylon and aluminum pedals and an engineering work of several years of duration.

  • By folding
    Have you ever seen one that folded in a single second? Well, here you have it. Thanks to the Easyup system, the frame folds in a single (and very simple) movement. In the following video you can see how that fold works as well as that of the pedals or handlebars, which reduce the dimensions of the bike (from 93x120x55 cm passes to 93x70x22 cm) to be able to store it anywhere.

  • By gears

    The 3-speed Ossby Curve Eco they allow you to climb the slopes you find on your journeys through the city, but they do not add too much weight to the structure. In sight it is, taking into account that as a whole it weighs only 9.5 kg.

  • By transport

    When we talk about ease of transport or portability we do not refer only to the weight or folding, also to the simplicity with which the bike is carried when you are not climbed on it. This model is incredibly practical both when loading it to, for example, go down the stairs of the subway, and to take it with one hand through its corridors.

And now that you know the best folding bike (ReviewBox award in 2020), what do you have left? Well… Catch one! and check how light, compact and comfortable it is. In addition, you have no less than 3 years warranty, guaranteed spare parts and 5-star reviews. So what are you waiting for?

Best folding or city bikes


The natural environment of folding urban bicycles is undoubtedly the city. Its ability to reduce its dimensions make it ideal for small floors. But… What should you keep in mind when choosing the best one? Well, keep reading because not only are we going to teach you what details you should look at to make the best decision, but we are also going to give you an assessment of some of the ones we consider top in the market.

What does a good folding city bike need to have?

Low weight

Fundamental. A bike that you are going to use around the city must be light, since, probably, you combine it as a means of transport with others such as the bus or the metro. And carry a lot of weight in those moments when you have to climb the stairs of the station or the few steps of the train, it shows.

This point conflicts with another fundamental for any urban folding bike worth its salt: some gears. Although it is basic to face any small slope or change of grade that you find on your way, too many gears require a greater number of sprockets and plates, which results in a greater weight.

Therefore, we must find a model that has a balance between these two aspects.

However, what you should take into account is the type of routes you are going to carry out in your day to day. That is, generally in the city there are no large slopes, but if you catch any, it is better to have the option of changing one or two gears.

But if what you have to climb, yes or yes, are stairs in the subway station or in the office, better get one in which the number of speeds does not make the deadweight load uncomfortable.

Single fold

Folding urban bicycles must adapt to the rhythm of life of the city, being very fast and easy to fold. Especially when we talk about the main fold of the painting, since it is often the one that is most used to quickly enter the subway or a shopping center.

With this gesture it will usually be enough to transport the bike in trolley


But the important thing in this case is not so much that it has this type of fold as that its mechanism is easy to use.. In this way, going from pedaling to entering the interior of a place or another means of transport will be a process that does not take more than 10 seconds.

On the other hand, the homes of large cities are not characterized by their spaciousness, so any extra element that can be folded on the bike are points in favor of the model in question. In fact, they can usually fold (in addition to the frame) the handlebars or pedals. But anyway, measure well the space you have reserved to store the bike in your apartment. So you can compare it with the dimensions you find on the fully folded web.

Great versatility

Folding urban bikes are very versatile in general (especially those that, as we mentioned, have more than one speed). But more so are those that allow you a easy transport of the structure.

And not only by weight, that too, but by the transport in general from one side to the other while it is folded. For example, when you have to take the bike through the corridors of the subway pushing it with one hand or through your office building.

In this aspect, among the folding urban bicycles that will come best to you are the ones that you can carry comfortably, without the need to use both hands and make it, folded, as stable as possible. This will give you enormous freedom to enjoy going everywhere with hardly any effort.

Comparison of the best folding urban bikes

Folding bike City, by Ryme Bikes

7 speeds and 12.6 kg are the flagship of this folding bike for city. It has an aluminum frame and folded has dimensions of 38x79x76 cm.

It has handlebars and a folding frame, and the saddle can be lowered to take up less space. Its price is around 700 €.

Cinzie Firenze Vintage 6V 2020

With a vintage look that gives it great appeal, this has a weight of 13.8 kg (its frame is steel) and 6 speeds, which makes it quite robust and perfect for traveling somewhat more complex roads. The measures once folded are 80x74x30 cm and its price is over 300 €.

Hummingbird Multi-Speed

This fantastic 4-speed city bike weighs only 8.2 kg thanks to its carbon fiber frame. It folds into handlebars and rear wheel area and has folded dimensions of 117x60x20 cm. Now, do you have the wallet ready? Because it costs a whopping €3,600.

Moma Bikes First Class 20″

With 6 speeds, an aluminum frame and 11 kg of weight, it has an urban design to which it adds fenders and luggage carriers. With handlebars, frame and folding pedals (remaining at 77x64x35 cm), its price is competitive within the somewhat heavier folding bikes, since it is around € 250.

Our favorite: Ossby Curve Eco

3 speeds (more than enough in the city), a weight of only 9.5 kg thanks to its aluminium frame and, above all, its fold Easy up that cuts the dimensions of the bike in half in a single second (faster than any other on the market), make it our undisputed favorite.

Yes, because it is perfect to go from pedaling to walking through the corridors of the subway in a matter of 5 seconds (and in them we count the time to get off and, then, fold the bike).

With folded measures of 93x70x22 cm, fits in any corner! Come on, it is undoubtedly the queen of folding urban bikes.

Its price is below € 800, but if you are going to use it in your day to day, for comfort and versatility, it is very worth opting for this high-end model.

Now you only have to try it first hand and confirm that it is
the best of the folding urban bicycles, ideal to take around the city
. In fact, it will be so comfortable for you, you won’t go anywhere without it again! Whether it’s for coffee with friends or for work, it will become your perfect companion.

Main brands of folding bicycles in Spain


In our country there is talent. And a lot. Proof of this are the different brands of folding bicycles in Spain. In addition, the manufacture of its models within national borders promotes the economy and prestige of our professionals and is a guarantee of quality for the buyer. Do you want to know them? Read!


It is a firm of folding electric bicycles that was born in Seville in 2010. Its models are comfortable to drive and very practical. The weight of its bikes is around 17 kg and its wheels are about 20 inches. The price of its models is around € 1,500.

The brands of folding bicycles in Spain set the bar very high, giving prestige to the sector and quality to the user.


At the time this Navarrese company was a leader in the folding bicycle sector. In fact, it was one of the first to incorporate the engine into the frame. However, today it has become a bit obsolete and, in fact, its models (which stopped updating for some years) can no longer be purchased on its website.


This folding bicycle firm based in Barcelona carries out all its manufacture in Spain. It has different models, but most have about 6 speeds and 20″ wheels.


Located in Madrid, where we carry out all the manufacture of our folding bicycles, in Ossby we take care of every detail of our models.

Yes, because from the weight (our version Curve Eco it only weighs 9.5 kg and the Curve Electric only 13.5 kg), up to the folding (with the Easy up folding system in one second) or the wheels (14″ and 12″, perfect for a fold that allows you to store it anywhere), every detail is measured to the millimeter to offer you the perfect folding bike for you.

So you know, if you want to support the manufacture made in Spain and, incidentally, get a Spanish folding bike (whether electric or not) perfect for the city, what are you waiting for to try your Ossby first hand?

Manual signals from cyclists: learn to signal by bicycle

Signaling others while pedaling on our bike is vital to ensure your safety and that of other drivers. Use your body language and write down the following hand signals for cyclists.

Riding a bicycle means being part of road traffic with all the responsibility that this entails. In fact 73% of bicycle accidents in Spain involve the presence of another car, according to a study by the DGT. However, many of these claims are avoidable if you use different hand signals that communicate to other vehicles your intentions, either when changing direction or stopping.

Change of direction to the right

this action can be indicated using two variants: the first, bending the left elbow and forming an “L” with the arm while the palm of the hand points to the front. The second option is to extend the right arm perpendicular to our trunk.

Change of direction to the left

This change is indicated by extending the left arm perpendicular to the trunk. Changes of direction, both right and left, should be indicated when you turn a corner or make a lane change with your bike, either normal or

Slowing down

This option also serves to indicate that you are going to make a stop and consists of placing the left elbow so that the arm forms an angle of 90º, while the palm of the hand points towards the driver behind. The arm forms an inverted “L”.

Ensuring your safety and that of other drivers is vital to ensure circulation. These manual signals from cyclists are the best allies along with reflective vests and others essential gadgets

to drive with your folding bike around the city.

Promotes safety when cycling around the big city and is committed to intelligent mobility at all times thanks to
the best folding bike
. Because, have you ever imagined being able to store your bike in the office closet or next to the study table?

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