Bicycle as a means of transport: Advantages and disadvantages


Thousands of people use bicycles as the main means of urban transport, especially in times of pandemic. We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of riding a bike in your daily life.

advantages of using the bicycle as a means of transport

Does not pollute

The emission of gases by cars and other vehicles has become the main problem of the world’s cities. Cycling involves a much more sustainable option when driving in an urban environment, since it does not pollute and promotes respect for the environment at all times.

No parking problems

How many times have you ridden a car and taken longer to park than to drive? The bicycle allows save time, since after the tour you will not need to park it anywhere, especially if it is
a folding bike

Cycling is good for your health

Don’t know how to remove that tripe? Cycling as transport is an activity that brings numerous health benefits, including burn calories, improve cardiovascular health and strengthen the lower back.

Its maintenance is cheap

Maintenance, unlike the motorcycle or especially the car, is cheaper, since it only involves investing in bicycle gadgets

or simple repairs such as changing brake pads and the chain, which are usually much cheaper.

Disadvantages of moving by bicycle

Lack of bike lanes

The bicycle is the ideal means of transport to move around any urban environment whenever we can. There are many
cities in Spain with bike lanes
, but also others, such as curiously Madrid, which have barely developed a system of lanes powerful enough for the moment. The lack of appropriate lanes often becomes a problem to circulate safely in any urban environment.

Atmospheric problems

Riding a bike makes us happier, except when we pedal at 40ºC in the middle of August or a waterspout falls and we get to class or work made a soup. The atmospheric factor can play against us, which is why we recommend betting on allies such as raincoats or comfortable clothes when pedaling.

Easy to steal

There are thieves who steal cars, but many more who steal bicycles as it is more vulnerable to any theft, especially if you leave your bike in uncrowded areas or without the necessary protection. The following
tips to solve any theft of your bicycle
, will be of great help.

The bicycle as a means of transport is an increasingly recurrent alternative, especially when moving around the big city. A new trend that finds
on the folding bike
the best alternative to enjoy all the advantages of riding a bike with the benefit of being able to store it anywhere you want.

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