Best folding bikes for women: features and comparisons


Few are the features that differentiate women’s folding bicycles and man. In fact, beyond finding the perfect weight and folding facility for you, there’s not much else you can differentiate on. But, in any case, let’s analyze those little ones. details that you should look at to choose the one that best suits your needs. And then we’ll tell you what our favorite is, based on all that exhaustive examination.

Features when buying a folding bike for women


On average, it usually weighs about 12-13 kg. In order to load them with one hand to put the bike in the subway or the bus, they can be noticed, and a lot. In addition, you must take into account each accessory that you put on the bike (such as an adapter to carry the mobile or the lights), since, although they seem light, they add weight. So one that has a lower weight in itself, will have many points in favor.


Seeing yourself at the doors of the subway for 5 minutes trying to fold a bike that, supposedly, was supposed to be folded easily and quickly, is not pleasant. That is why you should keep in mind that the folding bicycle for women you choose has a fold system that is really very easy to use.


But not only should you look at the folding is quick and easy, that too, but that main folding allows you to transport the structure as a whole in a comfortable way.

What exactly do we mean? Well, there are many models with a great fold, but then they force you to carry the dead weight to transport them once folded.

Opt better for those that allow you to roll the bike pushing it with one hand while you go through the corridors of the subway or your office building. It’s much more comfortable!


Do you have a very small corner to store your bike at home? Well, then you need it to fold on several levels. That is, that not only the frame is folded, but also the pedals and handlebars. On the other hand, pay attention to both folded and unfolded dimensions. This way you will not be surprised when trying to store it in your apartment.

The best folding bike for women: Ossby Curve Eco

For low weight, for easy folding (and at different levels) and for having gears, the
Ossby Curve Eco
takes the honor of being, without a doubt, the best folding bicycle for women. Do you want to know why in a little more detailed way? Keep reading and discover its virtues, made for the most urbanites.

bicicleta-plegable-facil-de-transportarOnly 9.5 kg of weight

Yes, it weighs very little. You will see that lifting it to get around some stairs or any slope is incredibly simple. Especially if you compare it with those that … weigh 4 and 5 kg more! Enjoy the freedom it gives you to tour your city.

ahorro-tiempo-gasolina Folded in 1 sec

As you read it, in a single second you can fold the frame to make the bike reduce its size by half. And if you have a few more seconds, you also fold the handlebars and pedals, going from open dimensions of 93x120x55 cm to 93x70x22 cm folded. It will fit almost anywhere, we assure you.

medios-de-transporte-bici-plegable Easy transport

Do you want a bike that you can ride with one hand through the corridors of the subway? Well, among all the folding women’s bicycles that you will find in the market, this one takes the cake. While the frame is folded, just by slightly pushing the saddle, you will control it without problem.

distancia-mejor-bicicleta-plegable 3 gears

If you thought that, by weight, this bike was not going to have gears, you were wrong. With its 3 speeds you can easily cope with all the small slopes and changes of grade that you find on your routes through the city or on the way to work.

bicicleta-plegable Electric Version

If you have to travel too many kilometers or need an extra push on the slopes,

the Ossby Curve also has an Electric version

. In addition to being just as easy to fold and transport, it has up to 45 kilometers of autonomy!

Comparison with other bikes in its category

Do you want to know why we crowned the Ossby Curve Eco as the best folding bike for women? Well, here you have a comparison with other models of prestigious brands, such as TERN, Dahon or Monty, so you can decide for yourself which one you stay.

Some folding bikes of the TERN brand, such as the BYN P8, weigh much more than the Ossby Curve Eco: no less than 14.3 kg. While it is true that it has 8 speeds, its price is also much higher (ā‚¬ 1,250 compared to the 790 of the Ossby).

The same happens to the Dahon Mariner D8, since, having more speeds than the Ossby, it weighs much more (12.45 kg). Another example is the Monty Fusion, which with 7 speeds weighs no less than 12.44 kg. The famous BH brand also has a 6-speed folding with a much larger weight – 13 kg.

In short, if what you are looking for is a folding bike that weighs little for greater simplicity in transport, the Ossby Curve Eco, with its 9.5 kg, is perfect for you. In fact, it is the Electric version that weighs 13.5 kg, not the traditional mechanical one. So if you saw what the electric options of other brands weigh, you would be frozen.

Why have we prevailed in Ossby a lower weight at a greater number of speeds? Well, because we have understood that When moving around the city, you generally need more agility than speeds. In the city, the slopes are not usually so steep and, however, the stairs of the subway are, and climbing them with 5 kg more (or less) on top is noticeable.

Okay, you already have in mind the one that, surely, has already become your favorite women’s folding bike. Now the only thing left for you is

to try it first hand

and confirm that… it is perfect for you!

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