14-inch folding bike: main advantages


Are you thinking of getting a folding bike with 14-inch wheels? Perfect. And if you are still not sure if it is a good decision or not, keep reading and discover all the advantages of getting one of those characteristics. At the end we will also tell you our favorite in case… it gives you ideas!

1. Lower weight

Large wheels provide greater weight both for the structure of the wheel and for the tire itself. So if you want it to be light, bet on these reduced dimensions in the wheel.

2. Ease of folding

A bike with small wheels is much easier to fold than one with large wheels. In fact, this is why most folding wheels have smaller wheels than non-folding ones.

3. Folded dimensions

Although it is related to the previous point, it is evident that small wheels allow the structure as a whole to have smaller dimensions once folded. than a bike with wheels with a larger diameter. After all, the wheels can’t bend!

4. Ease of transport

A bike with small wheels will be lighter and with more folding capacity, as we have already said. Good, but, in addition, that influences what it will be. much easier to transport from one place to another and climb any type of slope. For example, to climb the stairs of the subway or bus with her in tow.

5. Perfect for city

Everything we have said determines that a folding bike with wheels of 14 inches in diameter is ideal for touring the city. Yes, because they are made for travel a few kilometers in a very versatile way. In short, they are perfect to go to work, take different means of transport and keep them next to you in the office or in a bar (thus avoiding the greatest probability of theft).

The lightest folding bike with 14-inch wheels

9.5 kg. As you read it. That’s what weighs the Ossby Curve Eco. And only 13.5 kg in
its electric version
, a version in which the motor is incorporated into the rear wheel thanks to the
All in one system.

Yes, a motor incorporated in a 14-inch wheel so that the frame can continue to have the Easy up

folding with which the bike reduces its dimensions by half in just 1 second. And if you want to reduce its size even more you just have to fold its handlebars and pedals.

So, in addition to being extremely light and easy to transport, it is perfect for folding and storing it in any corner of the floor. What more could you ask for from a 14-inch folding bike? Try it first hand and enjoy its advantages.

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