11 Best Tips for Urban Cyclists


If you are about to pedal around your city, either to go to work or sporadically on weekends, do not miss the following tips for urban cyclists. Pay attention because they will not only be very useful to ensure your safety, but also that of others.

11 Tips for urban cyclists

1. Always drive in the right lane

Keep in mind that if you drive in the left lane you will create more confusion among other drivers. In addition, always try to occupy as little space as possible within the lane so that the rest of the vehicles can overtake you on the left without problem.

2. Drive in a straight line

This way you will avoid problems with other drivers. When changing direction or performing a maneuver, indicate your intentions through the arms. Or better: With
a smart vest for cyclists

3. Plan your route

It is one of the most important tips for urban cyclists (or other modalities). It will always be advisable to plan in advance and make sure of the correct itinerary through the enabled bike lanes, cycle paths or quieter roads (for example, the old town of a city is a highly recommended option).

To cycle around the city we recommend having the bike lanes controlled and driving in quiet areas such as the old town.

4. The importance of the hard shoulder

If you drive on an interjob road, it is mandatory to always use the hard shoulder, unless it is in a sorry state. In this case, you can change directly to the road, as long as you do it in the right lane and respect the stipulated speed.

5. Beware of the rains!

Atmospheric phenomena condition any bike route, whether through the countryside or the city, especially if we talk about rain. If you are ready to cycling on a stormy day, try to plan your departure a little earlier and take extreme precautions at all times. The rain can make the terrain slipperier and play tricks on you.

6. Bet on the maintenance of your bike

A bike in good condition is the basis for a safe experience through the city and this is another tip to keep in mind that every urban cyclist should check. To do this, check the brakes, steering, wheels and lights well. This way you can circulate quietly without the fear of being stranded anywhere or, worse! suffer an altercation in the middle of the journey.

7. Attention when driving at night

If you are a
night cyclist
, it is essential to indicate your presence to other drivers through appropriate lights and signage. The front and rear lights, the reflective lights on the wheels and, if possible, on the helmet or on your clothes will be essential to make you look and circulate more safely.

8. Drive at the appropriate speed

Although the bicycle helmet is a must, safety when riding begins by following the established rules. And the main one is to respect the recommended speed in all areas: for example, 30 km/h in bike lanes enabled on the road.

9. Don’t drive around with headphones

Listening to trap or your favorite rock classics is a real pleasure, but not when you go by bike, since you put your safety and that of others in danger. In fact having headphones on while riding a bike is prohibited.

10. Don’t have your bike stolen!

We all know that it is easier to suffer
the theft of your bike
in a city than in the countryside. To avoid any scares, bet on two locks and try to park it in places not very crowded but not too lonely.

11. The virtues of a folding bike

Folding bikes
they have become the new allies for the urban cyclist. In addition to being able to store them at home, public transport or even at the university, they provide greater durability and they are perfect for driving around the city. Do you already know them?

So far our tips and advice for urban cyclists passionate about cycling. We hope you find them useful and do not stop pedaling!

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